Cabin Charter

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With the "cabin charter" you can book a cabin with private bathroom and shower on a Gulet hosting other people.
This is a different holiday that offers a new way to make friends in a close contact with the sea without the difficulty of having to organize an entire group.
Some people maybe have fear that sharing a relatively small space with strangers could easily give rise to conflicts and tensions. But it usually happens just the opposite: as people does not know each other, they keep a respect for others, so it is not so easy to become friends!
The traditional Gulets used for cabin charter cruises have a length ranging from 22 to 30 mt., have from 5 to 10 double cabins (from 10 to 20 beds), each one having its own private bathroom and a shower (hot and cold water). Each boat is provided with insurance on board, Vhf, radiotelephone, stereo, tender. The crew is composed by the Captain, the cook and one or more sailors.
Standard category:
Gulets not very recent, simple and essential, with 3 crew members, not always provided with generator and of air condition. The direct current 220 V. to recharge your mobile phones is available only during the navigation or in harbour. Each cabin has a private bathroom with shower. The cruise on board Gulets of this category is recommended for casual and undemanding clients.
Superior category:
Gulets that offer wide cabins, very comfortable bathrooms with shower cube, comfortable furnishing, proper sail rigging, one or two engines, generators, air condition system. The crews, consisting of 3/4 members, are always well disposed to fulfill your requests. These boats are also equipped with some water games.
For routes we offer, we can supply you with pictures and details of the Gulet where you will enjoy your cruise.
The following pictures refer to typical examples of Turkish Gulets, of standard and superior category, used for cabin charter.
Turkish Gulets cat. Standard sample
Standard Standard Standard
Turkish Gulets cat. Superior sample
Superior Superior Superior